KanjiKit 2000 for Windows

KanjiKit 2000

It is a system extension which allows you to display Japanese characters on your favorite applications like Word or Excel, without using Japanese windows. So you can build easily bilingual documents while keeping your actual configuration. Thanks to this program, you can display Japanese characters, if your documents contain them, like web pages in a Japanese site or e-mails coming from Japan. FEP (Front End processor) used is "Katana", same as "Kanjiword". Once activated, it will help you to convert Romaji characters to Kanji among 7000, corresponding to JIS level 2, while keeping your western keyboard. A CD-Rom drive is necessary only during an installation of the program. The new version is compatible with Office 2000 and Windows 2000.

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In order to get a demo program, click on:
Download a Windows demo kk2kdemo.exe (16,735,529 bytes).
Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT, CD-Rom, English/Japanese manual
Price: 1600 FrF (for EC countries, add 19.6% of value added tax)

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